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Frequent Traveler Surcharge

Alamo charges a Frequent Traveler Service Charge of up to $.75 per day (except related to Southwest where the charge is up to $1.50 per day) for qualifying rentals in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. This Service Charge is collected by Alamo in order to offset a portion of the administrative and program costs arising from our participation in these frequent traveler partner programs and/or the Excise Tax charged by the Federal Government related to such programs.

If you elect to provide us with your Frequent Traveler number(s), then you hereby authorize Alamo to charge you a Frequent Traveler Surcharge and/or a federally imposed excise tax (collectively, "Surcharge") on each rental transaction for which we submit a rewards request to the indicated frequent traveler program.

When a renter chooses to receive miles in the American Airlines AAdvantage program or the Delta Air Lines SkyMiles program, the Frequent Traveler Service Charge will be calculated based only on the Federal Excise Tax (7.5%) expense incurred by Alamo when it purchases miles from those airlines. Under the tax relief act of 1997, all companies that purchase frequent flyer miles from airlines must pay a 7.5 percent excise tax on the cost of those miles (approximately 6 cents per rental day). The 7.5% FTP tax applies to all US states except Arizona, California, Missouri, Oregon and Wyoming.

Frequent Traveler / Loyalty Programs

Alamo participates in the following Frequent Traveler Loyalty Programs that may be subject to service charges:

  • Alaska Airlines - Mileage Plan™
  • American Airlines - AAdvantage®
  • Continental Airlines - OnePass®
  • Delta Air Lines - SkyMiles®
  • Frontier Airlines - Early Returns®
  • Hawaiian Airlines - HawaiianMiles®
  • Hilton Worldwide - Hilton HHonors®
  • Southwest Airlines - Rapid Rewards®
  • United Airlines - Mileage Plus®
  • US Airways - Dividend Miles®
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For questions about the Frequent Traveler program displayed here,view our FAQ's.. To choose a different frequent traveler program, please update your frequent traveler program
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Virgin Flying Club

Virgin Flying Club Information

This airport has multiple Alamo locations. Add your flight details now so we can better serve you when you arrive.

This airport has multiple Alamo locations. Add your flight details now so we can better serve you when you arrive.

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