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How to Travel Safely With Your Children

Whether your family vacation includes touring a big city or national park, a theme park or museum, sometimes despite your best efforts, someone will get separated from the group.  Here are four safety tips to share with your family in advance:

● Practice "what if" situations with the kids before the trip. What should they do if they get separated from you? Tell your kids to look for someone in uniform to ask for help —people wearing official uniforms or badges.

● When you arrive at a theme park or museum, discuss a time and place to meet “just in case” at the visitor information desk. If you are hiking, tell the kids they should stay put and “hug a tree.” In a city, tell them to remain where they last saw you so someone can double back to find them. 

● Make sure everyone’s cell phones are charged and all phone numbers are programmed in the phones, even the number where you are staying. 

● If the kids don’t have phones, write down the name and phone number of the hotel where you are staying, along with your phone numbers and full names, and put them in the kids’ pockets. Kids may get rattled and forget your phone number or the name of the hotel. Young kids may simply say “mommy” or “daddy” when asked for your name. 

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