Long-Term Car Rental Rates

Whether you’re taking an extended vacation, driving across the country from Seattle to Atlanta, or simply wanting to tack on a few leisurely weekend getaways during a monthlong business trip, Alamo offers long-term car rentals and options to rent a car monthly.

Long-Term and Monthly Car Rental

Long-term and monthly car rentals are for travelers looking for the ease and flexibility that come with renting a vehicle for more than 30 days . Explore, discover and move around without needing to rebook a rental car each week. If you know when and where you will need your monthly car rental, book your long-term vehicle today.


Find the Best Monthly and Long-Term Car Rental Deals

If you need to rent a car long term, sign up for Alamo Insiders and automatically save 5 percent.

Flexible? Update the date and time of your booking to search for the cheapest long-term car rental rates. Prices vary by location, vehicle, date and availability. Please note that the pickup and return dates you enter into your reservation are factored into your rate.

Alamo will automatically provide the best rate, whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly, and a breakdown of all rates will be clearly stated in your car rental contract. If you plan to reserve a long-term car rental, you will see an addendum in your contract stating that there will be an initial charge for your first 30 days, followed by a subsequent charge every 30 days. Alamo will honor your original rate for each of these subsequent charges during your long-term car rental. If you need to extend your return date or return your rental car early, rates could vary because your dates have changed.

Not exactly what you’re looking for? Travelers seeking a rental car for less time may be interested in Alamo’s one-day or weekly car rental options.

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